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Adaptonic Principles

We make purposeful products, only using ingredients that have stood the test of time.

Quality of products.

Our ingredients are mostly organic and are responsibly farmed or harvested. This includes our alcohol, which comes from sustainable sugarcane neutral spirit, is organic, fair trade certified, kosher and pharmaceutical grade.

Integrity in our products, our herbs and our business.

Our goal is to provide accurate information about how one can improve their health. We do our best to provide our honest assessment of the conditions in which we can improve upon. In turn we value honest feedback from our customers so that we may continue to grow and evolve. 

We value the earth’s soil — it is the foundation for all that we do.

Without healthy soil we are unable to create effective products or consume healthy mineral rich foods. It is the foundation of our company and for all living organisms on our planet. We are devoting a percentage of our profits to various sustainable farming projects that are rooted in educating farmers and consumers about rebuilding healthy soil for our current and future generations.

A Word from Our Founder

A Word from Our Founder

In 2007 I found myself in the most physically and emotionally exhaustive state I have ever been in. I was unable to get a full night’s sleep for over 5 months. I was losing passion for even the most exciting parts of my life. I started noticing dark circles under my eyes and started feeling depressed and anxious every day. I had never dealt with that before…


Why liquid herbal extracts vs pills?

This is a two part answer. Liquid extracts are completely bioavailable. The body does not have to break down liquid in any way prior to entering the small intestines which is the next step after the stomach in the digestive process. Some producers sell powdered herbs that are encapsulated in gel caps or gelatin capsules. Powdered herb has cellulose, our body needs to break down the cellulose and process that herb material into an extract via the digestive juices. This is a very inefficient and frankly ineffective way of getting the benefit of the herb. In combination with alcohol, which is absorbed nearly immediately into the system, the longer the herb takes to break down, the more the risk of not absorbing the extract increases. This makes liquid extracts the fastest and most effective delivery system.

How long before I notice the benefits from herbs?

There are a few factors that determine this. It depends on the state of the body, what the condition is, its severity and how long the condition has been affecting one's life. It depends on whether the person is complimenting the herbal regimen with vitamins, minerals and a reasonably healthy diet while eliminating the antagonist. One example would be if someone is trying to rejuvenate one’s liver with a liver herb but continues to consume alcohol excessively and/or consistently eat sugar the process of seeing positive results can take much longer/if at all to see the positive results they are looking for. But on the other hand, if one removes the antagonist, supplements appropriately and adopts a healthy regimen, benefits can be noticed within a week and in some cases as early as a day. Again this all depends on the individual and their respective situation combined with one’s own will to make more constructive choices.

How long do herbal extracts last? Do liquid herbal extracts have an expiration date?

Liquid herbal extracts made with alcohol can last indefinitely as long as they are stored in a cool, dark and dry environment. (We still have tinctures from 2007 that have not changed in taste, color or efficacy.)

Why use alcohol vs glycerine or oil extracts?

We have tried many types of solvents. Alcohol has more acid than any of the above and therefore its properties have the ability to pull more fat soluble plant compounds than the rest. Each one of our herbs uses a mixture of water and alcohol. The proportions depend on the type of herb: herbs with more fat soluble compounds, like Kava, Propolis and Holy Basil require higher percentage of alcohol and less water, while the softer herbs like ginsengs, dandelion and burdock require less alcohol and more water. As a result the alcohol extracts have a true full spectrum profile which has been shown to be more effective and much safer than isolated compounds. We have also noticed that glycerine extracts are weaker and less effective at pulling all the plant compound out of the cellulose and into the solvent, even at higher temperatures and longer extraction times.

How long do adaptogens take to work?

Adaptogens can take as little as a week and as long as 8 weeks to start feeling the immense effects. They are subtle at first but are building a strong foundation for nearly every system in your body. Make no mistake — they are the most profound category of herbs in the entire plant kingdom.