GroGlow Belly Balm


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This unique formula is designed to most effectively prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. There are two reasons why it works so well: 

It is specifically formulated to have a transdermal effect, deeply penetrating 5 layers of skin.

Its predominantly saturated fat content offers the ideal, deepest and most restorative nourishment for the human skin.*


This balm is also an “everything balm”! It works wonders for dry skin, chapped skin at lips, elbows or hands and eczema. It can be used on the face, especially in very dry or cold conditions. 

Safe to use for all ages, including infants.

Suggested Use

Suggested Use

Apply on all areas you feel may be susceptible to stretch marks: this includes full belly, sides of pelvis, flanks, buttocks, breasts and upper thighs. 

The balm will penetrate more easily and leave minimal residue if applied on slightly damp skin. After a shower or bath, pat down gently with a towel and apply immediately.

To be applied at least once or twice daily. 

Starting during the first trimester will prepare the skin to stretch, by making it more supple, resilient and nourished. Starting no later than the 8 week mark is recommended for best results. 


Use within 1 year of purchase. Will keep for longer if refrigerated.



Organic pastured tallow, emu oil, organic African shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), organic cocoa butter (Theobroma cacao), organic mango butter (Mangifera indica), organic coconut MCT oil, vitamin E oil, organic French lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)