Our Story

Then, one day I found myself in a health food store aimlessly walking around when a grey haired man offered me help. Although his hair looked like he was 50 his eyes and skin were that of a child. There was vigor, strength and humor emanating off of him. I said “what are you offering over here?” He said in response, “Herbs, how do you want to feel?” I figured I would say exactly what I wanted to feel. “I want to feel less tired, more energetic, happy and not depressed, I want to be able to sleep through the night again”.

He then started concocting a mix of powdered herbal extracts from his apothecary into a blender with berries and coconut milk. He blended together and served the herbal mixture to me. It was surprisingly tasty. 
Within an hour or so I had noticed something different — not profound but different, I felt a slight sense of energy through the exhaustive haze I had been in for months and my mood was slightly lifted from the depressive flat state I had been so used to. Was it all in my head? Was this really the effect of herbs? I was intrigued. 
The next day I visited the same store, ordered another concoction and grilled my new found herbalist with question after question. He shared with me that the herbs he had given me were a specific group of herbs called adaptogens. These herbs are different as they have their own unique intelligence, directing the body from a state of imbalance and into one of homeostasis.
My adrenals were exhausted and he stated these herbs would help correct that. The more I listened the more I could feel his passion and the more I believed my increase in energy and mood the day before was no coincidence.

When I left, I decided that I would try this concoction 5 days a week for 6 weeks to see what would happen. Each day that went by I regained a little more energy, I was able o fall asleep faster, sleep longer and better, and my mood brightened. The most profound results of my daily dedication to these herbs was that I never had a drop in energy throughout the day. My thoughts were sharp and energy levels the highest I had ever felt. Every day I would return to see my herbalist Michael, ask as many questions and read as many books as I could on the subject of adaptogens and herbs. I started making my own liquid herbal extracts, initially giving them to my coworkers and friends upon request.
I then decided to start a business. I began my formal herbal studies and received my certification as a Master Herbalist. This is how Adaptonic was born. 
Interacting with real people on a day-to-day basis taught me more than I could ever learn by merely studying herbal theory. It is then that I truly have been able to understand the wisdom of the fruits, flowers and roots of our beautiful earth.
This introduction to the world of herbs has provided my life with purpose, a sense of wholeness and a better quality of life for myself and those around me.

I hope that the knowledge and wisdom I have received will benefit you in the same way.


John Greene